Ways To List A Member

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Ways To List A Member





Of course we can not do that without other outside donations from other agencies, and organizations. So we welcome donations for such a wonderful gift. Please keep in mind, this is a simple website posting with a wonderful humanitarian purpose. All resources are limited.

Here's how to order a website listing:

Please be sure that you have the new members department of corrections number, or/and any other special numbers that are needed for them to receive mail. Along with the proper address. Make any donations to Prison Brides International....

This is a FREE web page posting. We are only allowed a limited amount of FREE space, so listings may have to be listed, and removed from the site within reason, to share the allotted space. If, a posted page has to be taken down for any time, the member will receive notice. Any listing supported by donations will have priority and will remain posted for the maximum allowed time.

Prison Brides International

C/O McLloyd

P. O. Box 3621

Wichita, Ks. 67201  USA

Please be sure that if you want a picture posted with the ad, to send us one. It will be returned when we send you a copy of the posted website, this cost you postage of $1us, $3us for international mailing. Try to keep your ad under 150 words, use the website application order form, thank you.

Click the online Application link to see, or print the information we recommend for your ad.