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*********** Prison Brides International ************

Prison Brides International is a professional international introduction service which provides an opportunity for women, with the desire to be Brides from behind bars. These women from around the world and all parts of America featured on this site, are considered serious about finding love and marriage.

Our Mission:

Of course these women from prison will not have access to a computer, but they are allowed postal mail as a general right of contact with the outside world beyond their incarceration. Our efforts are to assist women from jail to unlimited international possibilites of being Brides. They have dreams and desires of becoming brides, but also have the desire to find friends, and pen pals to share words with.

Some Cautions:

 We are unable to verify completely, all information about these women. We do provide search web links, and background check links, for additional personal research which can be very helpful.

  • Yahoo People Search
  • US county Prison Search

Yes, We Are Thinking Outside The Box

Sometimes incarceration comes without warning, without intent. Could happen unexpectedly as this becomes a growing population for most nations, of all nationalities, and races, all over the world. Inmates become that way, for so many different reasons. If you are considering our services, I am sure you have given this some thought.

We are different in what we offer, because we are making an effort to contact women in jails and prisons all over the world, as an international effort, women with a sincere interest in marriage. For some, this may also include a change of citizenship, or the possibility of obtaining a green card, to complete becoming a Jail Mate Bride. Relocation is a question asked, when applications are completed by the inmates.

Legal Stuff Other Site Will Not Tell You Up Front

Prison Brides international offers services to international and domestic women incarcerated inside the USA, and should not be confused with those outside of the USA to avoid these such laws.  If any contact is made from other countries, these rules are binding, and shall be followed.

Marriage agencies are legal in almost all countries. Here are some issues to consider:

Legal issues

  • The Philippines prohibits organizing or facilitating marriages between Philippine and foreign men. The Philippine congress enacted Republic Act 6955 or the Anti-Mail-Order Bride Law in 1990 as a result of stories that appeared in the local press and media about Filipinas being abused by their foreign husbands.
  • On Jan 6, 2006, the United States Congress enacted H.R. 3402: Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act of 2005 [1]. This law requires certain actions prior to selling a foreign woman's address to a US citizen or resident, including:

The man must complete a questionnaire on his criminal and marital background.

The seller must obtain the man's record from the National Sex Offenders Public Registry database [2].

The questionnaire and record must be translated to the woman's native language and provided to her.

The woman must certify that she agrees to permit communication.

A lifetime limit of two (2) fiancé visas is imposed, with a waiver required for the approval of any subsequent fiancé visa.